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Improving the Art

of Lending

Loan Automation • Delegated Fulfillment

Our Story

LoanCraft has a deep understanding of the challenges facing lenders and the complexities of the loan approval process. Since 2003, LoanCraft has been helping financial institutions grow their top and bottom line revenue. We provide a wide range of products and services that help our clients provide outstanding service to their customers.


Our roots are in outsourced origination of real estate loans. Over the years we have helped banks add significant volume without investments in technology and payroll. Since 2003, we have originated nearly $2 billion in loans and HELOCs for several different national banks in 45 states, and we have done it in full compliance and consistent with the credit policies of our clients.


It's that first hand experience with the challenges facing lenders that has led us to create innovative products and services to serve the market. LoanCraft's mission is to continue to apply its subject matter expertise to creating innovative solutions that will improve productivity and increase client satisfaction.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions


Loan Automation


Delegated Fulfillment

Loan Automation



Deal Making Apps


Price Engine


Aggregator Bundle

Loan Automation



Income Calculation Services - Patented, warranted service provides income calculation for all types of borrowers, including the difficult self-employed borrowers. Increase visibility, eliminate bottlenecks, improve service for your best customers.


Credit Report Analyzer - Eliminate human review of credit reports with our rules-based credit report analysis tool. Use API to provide custom scoring, alert creation, task creation, and other actionable results from credit reports.


Document Upload and Storage - Online request, upload and storage of documents needed to close loans.

Deal Making Apps

Deal Making Apps

ViLO Virtual Loan Officer - White-labeled app to generate customized offers and AI recommendations based on the goals and preferences of the customer.

ViLO API - We deliver the ViLO technology via API to deliver the customized virtual loan officer experience via your preferred delivery vehicle. (Patent Pending)

ViLO for Loan Officers - Make your loan officers better by guiding them through a consultative experience with their customers.


Optimizer Pricing Tool - Powerful pricing tool that gives the LO the best chance to present the right deal for the customer.


Optimizer API - Deliver power to your LO screens with optimized offer choices over multiple program options.


Online Application - White labeled-app to take full or partial applications from customer. Integrate with your internal systems, generate URLA, assure full compliance.

Price Engine

Price Engine

  • A sophisticated rules engine for Home Equity or Mortgage. Reacts to 27 different underwriting factors.  It includes sets and subsets of rules that determine eligibility, price, fees, and can also identify conditions. 

  • Rulesets can be set with effective and expiration dates, and individual sets can be used across programs to assure consistency and efficiency.

  • A variety of testing tools are available that allow verification and documentation.


  • Custom uploads automate rule updating.

  • The PPE acts as a hub for a variety of uses, including loan officer and branch, pricing tools, integration with lead providers such as LendingTree, integration with lead management such as Velocify or MortgageBot and integration with LoanCraft’s ViLO virtual loan officer technology.

Aggregator Bundle

Aggregator Bundle

We provide a bundle of services that integrate with lead aggregators, including:

  • Pricing

  • Loan Officer Assignment

  • Integration with Lead Management System

  • Integration with LOS

  • Testing Tools

  • Marketing Analysis Tools

Delegated Fulfillment

Delegated Fulfillment

LoanCraft provides outsourced origination of real estate loans. We help your bank add significant volume without investment in technology and payroll. Since 2003, we have originated nearly $2 billion in loans and HELOCs for several different national banks in 45 states, and we have done it in full compliance and consistent with the credit policies of our clients.

  • Professional Loan Sales

  • Underwriting

  • Document Preparation

  • Management of Internet Lead Providers

  • Pre-Approval Service to analyze Credit, Income and Assets

  • Strategic consulting to assure the highest quality penetration of available markets and customer relationships.

LoanCraft Income Service

The LoanCraft
Income Service

There's a Better Way!

Imagine a process where:

  • Income underwriting was reduced to reviewing a finished file?

  • Your salespeople are empowered to upload documents, get a solid income and a checklist of required documents before underwriting is involved?

  • You could reduce or eliminate conditions associated with income?

  • Data capture was warranted to be 100% accurate and you never had to deal with bad scans and data entry?

  • You could trust the accuracy of the calculation?

  • It's fully warranted and most files sail through the first time?

How much time would it save your team?

Loan Officer

Are you spending time analyzing tax returns to qualify a self employed borrower?

Do you avoid complicated income clients all together?

Is validating income sometimes frustrating your clients after repeated requests for documents?

LoanCraft can help.


Are you spending time on data entry busy work?

Do you sometimes have to render an opinion with incomplete data?

Is your work flow interrupted with multiple looks at the same file?

There's a better way with LoanCraft.


Does calculating income put a drain on your company's productivity?


Would understanding supportable income at the very beginning of the process help you avoid delays?

We can help.


IncoSure Product Line

The LoanCraft
IncoSure Product Line

LoanCraft has been helping the biggest lenders in retail banking and mortgage lending as well as individual loan officers for more than 20 years. Our unique data retrieval and calculation process is patented to assure accuracy and robust calculations. The process is both simple and powerful. See how the IncoSure Product Line can increase your productivity.

Tax Return Analysis

Complete analysis of personal and business income.

Transcript Analysis

Our process bypasses the 4506T to create a superior experience.

Transcript Only

We provide full transcripts for 1040, K1, W2, and Businesses. You can also use the Income Portal to obtain the tax transcripts alone. Our process is much easier for borrowers than the 4506 process.

Bank Statement Express

Fully automated income analysis. For some lending programs, bank statements are a better picture of income than tax returns.

W2 Express - Transcript-W2 and Online Bank Deposits

Fully automated analysis including W2 employment data and bank statement deposit analysis for up to 24 months.

Business Complete Express

A streamlined small business lending solution. Fully automated analysis including all tax data and bank statement data.


We capture data from paystub and W2.

Our LoanCraft IncoSure Product Line comes with a Comprehensive Warranty as well as a limited Rep Warranty for your assurance and a better overall customer experience. Our process increases efficiency, decreases risk and improves compliance. 

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