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Customer Service Rep

Let's talk about streamlining one of your biggest processing bottlenecks.

Eliminate the burden calculating income puts on your process and the inconvenience it causes your client, especially self-employed borrowers. With our full service approach it's as easy as ordering an appraisal. Just upload your PDFs and we'll do the rest - within 4hrs, in most cases.

Our Solutions


Income Reports

Standard Service

Tax Return Analysis

Loan Tools


Engine - PPE



Our Story

LoanCraft has a deep understanding of the challenges facing lenders and the complexities of the loan approval process. Since 2003, LoanCraft has been helping financial institutions grow their top and bottom line revenue. We provide a wide range of products and services that help our clients provide outstanding service to their customers.


Our roots are in outsourced origination of real estate loans. Over the years we have helped banks add significant volume without investments in technology and payroll. Since 2003, we have originated nearly $2 billion in loans and HELOCs for several different national banks in 45 states, and we have done it in full compliance and consistent with the credit policies of our clients.


It's that first hand experience with the challenges facing lenders that has led us to create innovative products and services to serve the market. LoanCraft's mission is to continue to apply its subject matter expertise to creating innovative solutions that will improve productivity and increase client satisfaction.

The LoanCraft
Income Service

Income Solution

There's a Better Way!

Imagine a process where:

  • Income underwriting was reduced to reviewing a finished file?

  • Your salespeople are empowered to upload documents, get a solid income and a checklist of required documents before underwriting is involved?

  • You could reduce or eliminate conditions associated with income?

  • Data capture was warranted to be 100% accurate and you never had to deal with bad scans and data entry?

  • You could trust the accuracy of the calculation?

  • It's fully warranted and most files sail through the first time?

How much time would it save your team?

Loan Officer

Are you spending time analyzing tax returns to qualify a self employed borrower?

Do you avoid complicated income clients all together?

Is validating income sometimes frustrating your clients after repeated requests for documents?

LoanCraft can help.


Are you spending time on data entry busy work?

Do you sometimes have to render an opinion with incomplete data?

Is your work flow interrupted with multiple looks at the same file?

There's a better way with LoanCraft.


Does calculating income put a drain on your company's productivity?


Would understanding supportable income at the very beginning of the process help you avoid delays?

We can help.


Pricing Engine

Pricing Engine

ProgramPricing • Eligibility

Our pricing engine provides instant pricing using 24 different profile characteristics. LoanCraft can post offers to LendingTree, Velocify, and other systems. We provide a suite of testing tools and quality assurance services to ensure accuracy.

Pricing for Aggregators

We provide pricing necessary to fulfill the requirements of leading lead aggregators including LendingTree.

Interactive Pricing Screen


Our screen provides a variety of options to optimize the loan officer's ability to meet the customer needs.


APIs to integrate all pricing transactions with other applications.


Pricing for Customers

Our Best Offer Wizard℠ 

provides an interface to provide your pricing directly to customers.

Superior Support for Wholesalers and Portfolio. We have built our system to allow a variety of pricing options beyond the standard industry programs. This includes home equity, portfolio, and non-QM. We offer customized uploads and APIs for price loading. See our white paper for our philosophy of offering wholesalers new opportunities.

Click below for White Paper on

Price Engine's Support for Wholesaler Innovation




Processing and Origination

LoanCraft provides outsourced origination of real estate loans. We help your bank add significant volume without investment in technology and payroll. Since 2003, we have originated nearly $2 billion in loans and HELOCs for several different national banks in 45 states, and we have done it in full compliance and consistent with the credit policies of our clients.

  • Professional Loan Sales

  • Underwriting

  • Document Preparation

  • Management of Internet Lead Providers

  • Strategic consulting to assure the highest quality penetration of available markets and customer relationships.

Loan Tools

Loan Tools

Lead Management Tools allow loan officers to manage leads from various aggregators and assures proper contact.

Our innovative and exclusive Best Offer Wizard℠ technology gives you a turnkey ability to reach customers and offer them your products. The technology provides an easy, highly consultative interaction for the customer. We offer a range of innovative question types, and you can combine them in various ways and compare their results. It’s like getting a full web development and analytics team, at your disposal.

The Best Offer Wizard℠ screen is a significant improvement over rate sheets, because it instantly provides the rate without interpretation by the user. This will lead to a higher degree of accuracy in quoting rates, which is essential to customer care and compliance. And because the tool is so easy to use, the associate can concentrate more on the customer and less on the math of trying to figure out the rate.

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