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  • Compliance benefits include: standardized, accurate and warranted, locked and controlled by administrator

  • A complete file for the underwriter and an intuitive report format to support underwriter judgement

  • Customizable, choose your calculation model or tailor your report to fit custom overlays

Let LoanCraft make calculating income as easy as ordering an appraisal or credit report.
LoanCraft’s Full Service Income reporting process to Other Solutions

Editable spreadsheet data.

Adjustments achieved by changing spreadsheet values.

You must

split and

index your own

document packages.


Other Solutions

Your people must do data entry for whatever the OCR missed.

Responsibility for accuratecapture is with customer.

Finished PDF report.


Adjustments achieved through documented overrides.

We split and index documents. You can submit a PDF with many different documents and we find the relevant documents.

We handle data capture for anything the OCR can’t do.

We warrant accuracy of all data capture, human and automated.

Setup fees.

Minimum order requirements and monthly charges.

Software support only.

No setup fees.

No minimums or

monthly charges.

LoanCraft Income Team to help with issues and questions.

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